Plevna on Tampereen ainoa aito panimoravintola. Ravintola ja sen yhteydessä toimiva Koskipanimo ovat toimineet Finlaysonin vanhassa kutomosalissa jo vuodesta 1994.

Beer list


pils20181. PLEVNA’S PILS, 4.7 %
This golden German-style beer suits every occasion. The noble aroma and bitterness of the organic Hallertau hop are in balance with the refined organic Finnish malt.





The Good Soldier Svejk would have enjoyed this dark, slightly sweet, Czech-style beer. Fine hops are used to brew this reddish lager of rich aroma, and quality malt imparts the delicate softness and roundness of taste.

2003 Dark Beer Festival: Bottom Fermented Beers, 1st prize.




Bock3. PLEVNA’S BOCK 6.6 %
Amber-coloured, strong, German-style lager. Both dark and pale malt used in brewing. A slightly sweet, soft bock for anyone who enjoys a good beer.

1997 The Great Finnish Beer Festival: Bottom-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
1998 Dark Beer Festival: Bottom-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
2002 Dark Beer Festival: BottoFermented Beers, 1st prize.



Stout4. PLEVNA’S STOUT 7 %
Plevna’s Stout has become a true classic: Irish-style dry stout with a creamy head and a round, soft flavour. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good stout.

1997 The Great Finnish Beer Festival: Top-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
1998 Dark Beer Festival: Top-Fermented Beers, 3rd prize.
1998 Helsinki Beer Festival: Beer of the Year.
1999 Dark Beer Festival: Draft Beer of the Year.
2003 Dark Beer Festival: Top-fermented beers, 1st prize.
2005 Dark Beer Festival: Top-fermented beers, 1st prize.
2005 Dark Beer Festival: Finnish Draft Beer of the Year

Severin5. SEVERIN EXTRA I.P.A. 5.9 %
Our brewmasters have created an American-style Indian Pale Ale. It is very sharply hopped topfermented beer.
2007 Helsinki Beer Festival: BEER OF THE YEAR




Pikku-musta6. “LITTLE BLACK NUMBER” 3.8 %
This is a dark, Czech-style lager that could be described as the little sister of Plevna’s Dark Lager. It was developed according to customer feedback, and due to a small residue of unfermented sugar it is noticeably sweeter than it’s big brother.





Vehnaolut7. PLEVNA’S WHEAT BEER 5 %
German-style wheat beer with over 60% of wheat malt. This gently hopped beer imparts strong fruity and cinnamon flavours, topped with a hint of banana.




Tahti-III8. TÄHTI (STAR) III 4.7 %






Tahti-IV9. TÄHTI (STAR) IV 5.2 %
Traditional light lager with a fresh and full flavour. The sharp hop aroma is accompanied with the soft roundness of malt.





Siperia10. SIPERIA STOUT 8 %
A very dark and bitter imperial stout. The tar-like falvour is combined with roasted fruitiness.
Siperia was chosen to the Adrian Tierney-Jones book: 1001 beers You Must Try Before You Die !
This beer has won several awards.

Finland’s best beer of 2015



James11. RAUCHBIER JAMES 5.2 %
Slightly roasted, tar-like, full-bodied and dark smoked beer. A bite of bitterness in the aftertaste. The malt is dried over a fire, which gives the beer its smoky aroma.





1Smorre2. SMÖRRE RUIS I.P.A. 5,9 %
American-style Indian Pale Ale made of rye. Five different
hops, strong malt body.




Weizenbock201413. WEIZEN BOCK 7.5%
A strong, traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer with a reddish colour and sweet flavours of banana and cloves.
Finland’s best wheat beer of 2015




Sima14. BREWERY MEAD 5 %
A traditional fermented alcoholic beverage. This mead is made of honey, brown sugar and fructose, lemon, and hops, which impart a nice aftertaste.
Medium-dry, sugar content is 60 g /litre. A similar beverage used to be brewed by the Vikings.




PKOmenasiideri15. PLEVNA’S CIDER 4.5 %
Medium-dry apple cider made right here on the premises. Full of fresh apple flavour.





KOmenasiideri16. PLEVNA’S CIDER EXTRA DRY 4.5 %







Semi-dry, tart and fresh blackcurrant cider is fermented from North Carelian blackcurrant juice.