Plevna on Tampereen ainoa aito panimoravintola. Ravintola ja sen yhteydessä toimiva Koskipanimo ovat toimineet Finlaysonin vanhassa kutomosalissa jo vuodesta 1994.

Beer list



pils_logo_iso1. PLEVNA’S PILS, 4.7 % 0,25l 3,70 / 0,33l 5,20 / 0,5 l 7,00
This golden German-style beer suits every occasion. The noble aroma and bitterness of the organic Hallertau hop are in balance with the refined organic Finnish malt.





Tumma2. PLEVNA’S DARK LAGER 5.6 % 3,80 / 5,50 / 7,30
The Good Soldier Svejk would have enjoyed this dark, slightly sweet, Czech-style beer. Fine hops are used to brew this reddish lager of rich aroma, and quality malt imparts the delicate softness and roundness of taste.

2003 Dark Beer Festival: Bottom Fermented Beers, 1st prize.




Bock3. PLEVNA’S BOCK 6.6 % 4,00 / 6,10 / 7,90
Amber-coloured, strong, German-style lager. Both dark and pale malt used in brewing. A slightly sweet, soft bock for anyone who enjoys a good beer.

1997 The Great Finnish Beer Festival: Bottom-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
1998 Dark Beer Festival: Bottom-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
2002 Dark Beer Festival: BottoFermented Beers, 1st prize.



Stout4. PLEVNA’S STOUT 7 % 4,10 / 6,30 / 8,00
Plevna’s Stout has become a true classic: Irish-style dry stout with a creamy head and a round, soft flavour. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good stout.

1997 The Great Finnish Beer Festival: Top-Fermented Beers, 2nd prize.
1998 Dark Beer Festival: Top-Fermented Beers, 3rd prize.
1998 Helsinki Beer Festival: Beer of the Year.
1999 Dark Beer Festival: Draft Beer of the Year.
2003 Dark Beer Festival: Top-fermented beers, 1st prize.
2005 Dark Beer Festival: Top-fermented beers, 1st prize.
2005 Dark Beer Festival: Finnish Draft Beer of the Year

Severin5. SEVERIN EXTRA I.P.A. 5.9 % 4,00 / 6,10 / 7,90
Our brewmasters have created an American-style Indian Pale Ale. It is very sharply hopped topfermented beer.
2007 Helsinki Beer Festival: BEER OF THE YEAR




Pikku-musta6. “LITTLE BLACK NUMBER” 3.8 % 3,70 / 5,20 / 7,00
This is a dark, Czech-style lager that could be described as the little sister of Plevna’s Dark Lager. It was developed according to customer feedback, and due to a small residue of unfermented sugar it is noticeably sweeter than it’s big brother.





Vehnaolut7. PLEVNA’S WHEAT BEER 5 % 4,00 / 6,10 / 7,90
German-style wheat beer with over 60% of wheat malt. This gently hopped beer imparts strong fruity and cinnamon flavours, topped with a hint of banana.




Tahti-III8. TÄHTI (STAR) III 4.7 % 3,60 / 4,90 / 6,90






Tahti-IV9. TÄHTI (STAR) IV 5.2 % 3,70 / 5,40 / 7,20
Traditional light lager with a fresh and full flavour. The sharp hop aroma is accompanied with the soft roundness of malt.





Siperia10. SIPERIA STOUT 8 % 4,40 / 6,70 / 8,50
A very dark and bitter imperial stout. The tar-like falvour is combined with roasted fruitiness.
Siperia was chosen to the Adrian Tierney-Jones book: 1001 beers You Must Try Before You Die !
This beer has won several awards.

Finland’s best beer of 2015



James11. RAUCHBIER JAMES 5.2 % 4,00 / 6,10 / 7,90
Slightly roasted, tar-like, full-bodied and dark smoked beer. A bite of bitterness in the aftertaste. The malt is dried over a fire, which gives the beer its smoky aroma.





1Smorre2. SMÖRRE RUIS I.P.A. 5,9 % 4,00 / 6,10 / 7,90
American-style Indian Pale Ale made of rye. Five different
hops, strong malt body.




Weizenbock201413. WEIZEN BOCK 7.5% 4,10 / 6,30 / 8,00
A strong, traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer with a reddish colour and sweet flavours of banana and cloves.
Finland’s best wheat beer of 2015




Sima14. BREWERY MEAD 5 %  4,10 / 6,30 / 8,00
A traditional fermented alcoholic beverage. This mead is made of honey, brown sugar and fructose, lemon, and hops, which impart a nice aftertaste.
Medium-dry, sugar content is 60 g /litre. A similar beverage used to be brewed by the Vikings.




PKOmenasiideri15. PLEVNA’S CIDER 4.5 % 7,40 / 0.4l
Medium-dry apple cider made right here on the premises. Full of fresh apple flavour.





KOmenasiideri16. PLEVNA’S CIDER EXTRA DRY 4.5 % 7,40 / 0.4l