Plevna on Tampereen ainoa aito panimoravintola. Ravintola ja sen yhteydessä toimiva Koskipanimo ovat toimineet Finlaysonin vanhassa kutomosalissa jo vuodesta 1994.

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etu_2011Whether you like dark or pale lager, stout or wheat beer, all these tasty beers, and many more, can be enjoyed in the historic surroundings of the Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant.

Plevna was established in 1994, in the old Finlayson cotton mills, and it is the only genuine brewery pub in Tampere, producing a vast selection of beers made on the premises. Since its opening, Plevna has been one of the most popular meeting places for local people and visitors alike.

In Plevna you can enjoy a variety of pure, flavoursome beer from our brewery, and fine spirits from our distillery. In addition, Plevna offers you dozens of other interesting beers from around the world, delicious food, unique surroundings, live music and, of course, the well-known jovial company of Tampere.



  • Bulgarian menu
  • Bulgarian wines (tasting thu 12 may 18-19 o’clock and fri 20 may 18-19 o’clock. Tasting includes six wines. 38,00/person. Registrations:
  • Bulgarian live music: Wed 11–sat 14 may and fri 20–sat 21 may  Daniel Gergov (a jazz musician from Pleven) performs.
  • Guests from Bulgaria

Bulgarian menu:

Chopska Salad G small 6.90 large 9.80
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and peppers. Served with Bulgarian white cheese.
Snezhanka Salad G 4.50
Bulgarian tzatziki. Creamy Bulgarian yogurt with cucumber, garlic, and dill.
Bulgarian Meze 9.80
A selection of Bulgarian dry-cured ham, salami, buffalo milk cheese, yellow cheese, marinated sweet peppers, and pickled vegetables. Served with lyutenitsa (spicy vegetable spread) and home-made bread baked to a Pleven recipe.
Tarator – Cucumber Soup G 6.90
A cold soup made with Bulgarian yogurt, cucumber, dill, and garlic. Garnished with nuts.
Karnatche Sausage 10.90
A sausage of pork. Served with deep-fried potatoes and lyutenitsa (spicy vegetable spread).
Lamb Kebapche L, G 13.90
Minced lamb kebabs, salad, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.
Tsatsa – Deep-fried Fish 10.90
Small fish deep-fried in a batter. Served with a cabbage and carrot salad and French fries topped with Bulgarian white cheese.
Kavarma – Chicken Stew L, G 16.50
Bulgarian-style chicken stew made with red wine, peppers, onions, and  mushrooms. Served with a cabbage and carrot salad and mashed potatoes.
Bulgarian frozen yogurt & honey G 5.00
Bulgarian pastries made to a Pleven recipe 5.00
L=lactose free G = glutein-free

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Itäinenkatu 8 (Finlayson area)
Tampere – Finland

Tel. +358 3 2601 200
Fax +358 3 2601 250

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Mon 11-23
Tue-Thu 11-01
Fri-Sat 11-02
Sun 12-23

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